We are the heroes who protect our Earth

April 22 is Earth Day. It was founded in 1970 by the United Nations and has become a very important event in 192 countries around the world to discuss the need to preserve natural resources and its protection.
Main topics are related to the solutions to remedy the negative effects of human activity, ban on using chemicals and to protect species and their habitats.

Often, when it comes to important issues such as the preservation of Earth, it seems the problem doesn’t concern us. We mostly believe only great world leaders have to solve the problem. The truth is that every action we make has effects in the community and collectivity. But we need to be informed to do so.


In this sense it is very important to first make children understand that the appearance of the world they will live in the nearest future will depend on the way we treat it today.

In this regard, a series of measures have been taken to teach greater environmental awareness to children, starting from the framework of the 21st century skills. The framework will aim to teach the language and grammar of ecology. Only in this way you can build the plots for a literature worthy of the respect of the world in which we live.

Being informed by an ecological point of view means to have a deep understanding of the problems related to it and to be able therefore to analyze and understand the responsibilities of all citizens. Children need to understand the importance of the environment in their everyday lives .


Children need nature and nature needs children. It is essential to teach this sense of reciprocity at home and school. The interpretation and the actions will be directly proportional to the knowledge that comes from it.

Popular culture teaches us that to be heroes we need superpowers. Our superpower is knowledge and awareness that everyone can make a real difference.


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