Amusement parks in Italy

Dear Readers, do you like travel whit your children? We have selected the best amusements parks in Italy, according to the ranking of TripAdvisor. Enjoy the reading!



It is one of the Italian amusements parks in the Castelnuovo di Garda, in Verona. In the park there are mechanical and water themes and it covers an area of 445,000 square meters.

Every year, about 2 million and 750 thousand people are visited.

The attractions are divided into three main areas:

  • Fantasy, for little dreamers;
  • Adventure for adventurers of all ages;
  • Adrenaline, for thrill lovers

Inside the Park there is also a beautiful aquarium, the SEA LIFE Acquarium, with 13 settings distributed in 40 tanks, where you will find more than 5000 specimens of 40 different species.

You can visit, guided, face-to-face with sharks;  you can touch a real shark egg in the interactive bathtub; you can  look closely at the lovely starfish; you can cross the transparent ocean tunnel; you can watch projections of interesting films on the marine world; you can find about 100 different species of marine creatures;  you can Support the Oceans’ safeguarding campaigns, have lunch or snack at Captain’s Cove;

Gardaland’s mascot is Prezzemolo, a green dragon with long ears. He has a funny character. He lives with his friends in his tree-house, in the heart of Gardaland. For him friendship is very important. He is protective, hospitable and patient, He  loves and he respects nature and all its animals. His friends are: Mously, Aurora, Pagui, Ti-Gey and Bamboo.

You will have a lot of fun, for sure!



It is another of the Italian fun parks located in Capriate San Gervadso, in the province of Bergamo. The park is dedicated to families.

There are 6 theme areas and 40 attractions for children of all ages, spread over 200,000 m². In Leolandia, children can meet cartoon characters. There are Masha and Bear, Peppa Pig and George, Thomas Train, the Smurfs. Inside there is also an aquarium, a reptile and an open area with farm animals and a collection of parrots.

The historic attraction of Leolandia is Miniature Italy, with 160 reproductions of the most beautiful monuments in our country. Along the path of the Mini Boot, there are also 12 characters, symbols of the various regions, they tell their story and the peculiarities of their territory.

Have a good time!




It is one of the Emilia-Romagna fun parks in Ravenna. In Mirabilandia there is a thematic and a water park with a total area of 850,000 m², of which 285,000 are occupied by the theme park, 36,000 from the aquatic area and the rest from the parking lots. Mirabilandia is, in fact, the largest amusement park in Italy.

The whole structure develops around three small lakes, one central and two secondary, where different bird species nest. The park consists of two main areas: the theme park, divided into seven areas, and the Mirabilandia beach water park. The thematic areas are 5: Far West Valley, Bimbopoli (dedicated to the youngest), Route 66, Adventureland, Dinoland. The characters that you will meet in Mirabilandia are Mike, Otto, Fanny, Arturo, Mirabella, and Camillo.

Are you waiting to enjoy the fun?



It is one of the best amusement parks in Italy. It is located in Sicily in Belpasso, near Catania. The area is 280,000 square meters, of which 112,500 are occupied by the only mechanical park. Inside there is the theme park and the aquapark. The theme park  offers spectacular attractions: The Storm, Etnaland Tower, Quasar, Vortigo to Adventurous like Eldorado, The School, Revo Rock 360, the Love Lagoon boats, the family coaster, the Hip Hop Coaster, the ‘splash battle’ Kaos and much more. There are also attractions dedicated to younger children such as Cyclops Dreams and The Cyclops and Cyclops Circus (Etnaland mascots).


In summer, the Aquapark is active.There are Kamikaze, attractions with dinghies and boats, pools, green areas and relaxation. There is also the largest Waves pools in Europe and a Miniland area equipped for the youngest. There is an educational attraction : the Park of Prehistory, and its botanical path.  In this park, there is the reproduction of 23 real-size prehistoric specimens for the periods between Carboniferous and Pliocene. All reproduced specimens are provided with educational charts on the species represented. Inside, there are well-contextual botanical varieties.

You will dive into the fun!



Letizia Grasso, Educationalist
“All grown-ups were children, but few of them remember it” This phrase is engraved on my heart. The child who marvels at small things is always with me. I firmly believe that the school should focus on self-construction of knowledge through direct contact with the outside world and, therefore, through the experiences of life. A school open to life and from life itself learns. A school that teaches to observe every little thing, to wonder and to ask questions. A school that forms adults who know how to reflect and put into a relationship the mind and heart.”