Barcelona for a kid-friendly trip


We are all born travelers. We have stardust in our veins, maps with silver roads in the eye and instructions to travel to Andromeda… –Fabrizio Caramagna

With the arrival of warmer season we love to go places, to take a break and get together with our loved ones. We begin to make plans, and one of our first thoughts is to look for a suitable destination for all, especially for the youngest of the family, who are the most demanding as well. Today we want to let you discover the sights of Barcelona that surely will leave your children amazed!

Güell Park

BarcelonaArrived at the Güell Park you will feel catapulted into a fairy tale. Everything is painted in many colors and the houses seem to be made of marzipan. This atmosphere of fairy-tale is typical of the works of Gaudi. This park, commissioned by Count Güell and built between 1900 and 1904, has been thought to be a garden-city designed for relaxation and the enjoyment of adults and children, but at the Count’s death the work was blocked. The city of Barcelona then bought it in 1922, transforming it into a public park.
You can admire a beautiful staircase, centered on the picturesque fountain depicting a salamander, a large porch topped by a terrace adorned with colorful tiles, from which you can admire the wonderful view; the great Austrian garden and the two fabulous houses. Your kids will love to fly their imagination among the thousands of colors and shapes.

Casa Battlò

BarcelonaCasa Batllò, built between 1904 and 1906 in the heart of the city, is the most emblematic work of the brilliant architect Gaudi. Visiting it will be a dip into the imagination. It has been called by different names like “house of bones”, “Dragon House” because of its particular characteristics. Inside, everything is in motion, there are no straight lines. The prevailing color of the glass is blue, making you feel like being at the bottom of the sea.

BarcelonaA large living room overlooks the street. A stained glass window made of a thousand colors will fill your eyes. You will see a light illusions and feel like looking through a kaleidoscope. A charming atmosphere not to be missed.

Aquarium of Barcelona

BarcelonaThe Aquarium of Barcelona, located in the Port Vell area, just behind the Maremagnum shopping center, has 35 tanks, with more than 11,000 fish of 450 species and contains a total of 5 million liters of water, of which 3.7 million dedicated to a huge ocean tank where sharks, rays and other large fish swim;

Barcelonathis tank is the most attractive one, has a diameter of 36 meters and a depth of 5 meters, an 80-meters-long walkable underwater tunnel. An incredible experience for adults and children.

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The Boqueria market

BarcelonaThis market is an explosion of colors and scents. It will be hard to resist: there are fruit, smoothies, candy, chocolate, spices, meat, fish, sausages, typical dishes etc.

BarcelonaThe banquets of vegetables are undoubtedly the most colorful and fascinating of the whole market. You will find everything from exotic fruits, different types of hot peppers, edible flowers decoration, vegetables and super tasty smoothies. A goodness. Your little ones will enjoy them!

Cosmo Caixa: the science museum

BarcelonaThe museum, inaugurated in 2004, is situated in a very large building (30,000 square meters). It is a journey to discovery for your children. It is divided into five levels:

  • Level 0: shop and ticket office, there will be a chatting Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin waiting for you
  • Level 1: The square of science is a space dedicated to services: cafeteria, restaurant and a huge outdoor space where children can play
  • Level 2:  planetarium and educational activities where you can find the 3d planetarium, the bubble planetarium, a weather station and an area dedicated to laboratories.
  • Level 3: Toca, Toca. here you can discover the Mediterranean region, the tropical forest and the desert.
  • Level 4: Conference room
  • Level 5: Amazon Rainforest enter inside an actual playback of the Amazon rainforest and meet fish, turtles, snakes, frogs lush vegetation. You will witness a tropical rain and your kids will be very excited.

Sagrada Familia

BarcelonaOne of Gaudi’s great masterpieces. A Catholic church whose construction began in 1882 and continues today, as it has never been completed.  Inside you will be immersed into playful colors and shapes that will make you dream. In front of the Sagrada Familia you will find a garden with a playground where usually street performers entertain your little ones.
There’s no lack of attractions for young and old in the colorful Barcelona. A wonderful city to visit and live.

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Letizia Grasso, Educationalist
“All grown-ups were children, but few of them remember it” This phrase is engraved on my heart. The child who marvels at small things is always with me. I firmly believe that the school should focus on self-construction of knowledge through direct contact with the outside world and, therefore, through the experiences of life. A school open to life and from life itself learns. A school that teaches to observe every little thing, to wonder and to ask questions. A school that forms adults who know how to reflect and put into a relationship the mind and heart.”