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Coding for children

“Everyone in this country should learn how to code because it teaches how to think.” Steve Jobs Among many children’s courses like swimming, dancing, karate, playing the violin, the piano, yoga, etc., there is coding course or computer programming. From a little age, kids can learn…

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Digital Native and Media Education: Discover the 2.0 World

” Media and their content are access routes to locally shared worlds ” -Letizia Caronia Today we are immersed in continuous flow of connections and sharing. We share knowledge, emotions, facts. It has changed the way of communicating and knowing. 2.0. Generation had the opportunity…

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Learning from children at Salone Del Libro Turin

We would like to tell you what we learned from the children, right, from them, at the Salone Internazionale Del Libro in Turin 2017, as Elisa’s and Roberta’s guests, co-founders of Mamamò.it and coordinators of the Digital Library in the Bookstock Village section of the festival.

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