Mash&Co at MGW17 – Milan Games Week 2017

Again this year Mash&Co will be at Milan Games Week, in the MGW Family area, a space dedicated to the whole family.

What will Mash&Co do at MGW17?

We will introduce your kids to Mash’s and Periwinkle’s world through our appMash&Co.
Prepare your little ones for the workshop that we will do on a fundamental aspect of making a video game, that is, animation! We have talked about the benefits of cartoons in this article.

Who is Mash&Co at MGW17 for?

We are addressing to all kids who love beautiful things and play with their favorite characters. We are addressing any parents grown up with video games and have experienced the evolution of the most popular joypads, consoles, and titles in the gaming world!

We addressing any curious parents and find that the gaming world is a means not only for entertaining but also for educating and learning.

We often talk about digital literacy. What is it and what role could video games and apps might have in an educational setting? Our team, along with our association AESVI, has always promoted the importance and the educational role of video games. In video games, in fact, there are immersive components that make this means of entertainment a life-simulating tool.

There are many types of games. Each dynamics lead to a definite purpose. Mash&Co’s one is to immerse the little ones in a trans-media world that can make experience unique adventures on different types of media without ever interrupting the narrative stream that sees as protagonists of a smart mushroom and a funny snail.

“Video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about Rock-n-Roll!” -Shigeru Miyamoto

Moms and dads, see you on the 29-30th September and the 1st of October at the highly anticipated appointments amongst video game enthusiasts and not only!

Mash&Co Team