Cartoon360: the event for transmedia projects

Mash&Co was selected along with 22 other projects to pitch to an audience of experts and professionals in the cartoon industry during Cartoon360 from 30 May to 1 June. The event at its 3rd edition is part of various networking and co-production events organized by Cartoon Media. One of the supporter of the event is Creative Europe, the Framework Programme dedicated to the cultural and creative sector, with the aim of promoting and safeguard the European cultural and linguistic diversity and strengthen the competitiveness of the cultural and creative sector to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Mash&Co-cartoon360-2Mash&Co is a startup that creates Mash’s and Periwinkle’s adventure: the two are in search of water suddenly disappeared from the forest. It is a transmedia adventure that alternates episodes belonging to different media such as classic cartoons, interactive cartoons and mini games. Mash&Co introduces children to positive values, eco-awareness and respect for nature in an exploratory game with a mix of games and storytelling.

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What happened at Cartoon360?

Mash&Co was the second on the pitchers’ list on the first day of Cartoon360. It was an exciting moment in which we talked about the project and listened to the feedbacks of experts for nearly 40 minutes. The event was held in the new design museum Disseny Hub, situated in the re-evaluated and modernized site of Barcelona.



A month before the official presentation, we had been followed by an expert in media sector for the preparation of the event. In our case Vanessa Chapman supported us in such a caring manner. In the meantime four experts evaluate the documents sent by our team. They are the the same four that ask specific questions during the official presentation. As for Mash&Co, Simon Flamank, Shawn Mahoney, Miki Chojnacka and Nick Dorra gave us useful advice on how to keep growing and improve the project.


Throughout the three days, during coffee breaks, lunches on site and networking dinners in the city of Barcelona, ​​we had the privilege to meet many professionals who gave us valuable feedbacks to improve Mash&Co.
During animation sector events, you can get to know and appreciate many projects. In events like Cartoon360, it is also possible to know the authors. It is the case of Giovanna Bo, CEO and founder of Achtoons, the animation studio from Bologna that creates Art with Matì and Dada; and Pierre Cattan whom French studio creates beautiful apps and social mold projects as Morphosis and Ulysses.



What to learn from events like Cartoon360?

It is definitely a way to introduce independent projects to valuable professionals. In these events there are realities that bring decades of experience behind. You can learn a lot from their stories and experiences. Also, if you have been in past events similar to Cartoon360, you probably meet the same people and update them on your project. It is good to “be there” in the environment where you want to operate and generate value.

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