Easter craft project

Easter is coming and today we are going to show you how to create Mash-and-Periwinkle-shaped eggs bearer to do with your children during these festivities.

For the realization the following materials are needed:

– 2 small empty plastic bottles

– Colored cardboards

– Paper tape or glue

– Scissors with rounded tip

 Assorted little chocolate eggs 

Let’s start to create our fantastic Mash-and-Periwinkle-shaped eggs bearer.

First we cut the neck of the bottle with the scissors as you see in the picture.


For added security cover the edges of the bottle with a piece of paper tape. This will make the edges even more resistant.


And now let’s start the creative moment! Use scissors to cut the red colored cardboard, taking the measure of our bottle and calculating a height of about 10 cm. Now fix it on the bottle with glue or tape as you see in the picture.


Design asymmetric circles on white cardboard, then cut and fix them to the red cardboard to replicate the typical white dots on Mash’s hat.


Using the same technique, take the black, pink and white cardboards to realize the eyes, cheeks and mouth. The result should be similar to the one shown in the picture.


Now comes the turn of Periwinkle! On a purple cardboard let’s draw the typical tufts and antennae of our little snail.

Keep a lower margin of about 5 cm and with the acquired technique for the realization of the Mash hat, cut and fix the small head of Periwinkle to the second bottle.


Using black and white cardboard draw a large ellipse for the mouth and triangles for the teeth. Do not forget to build the eyes, one larger and one smaller, Otherwise what kind of Periwinkle would it be?! 🙂


After making this, let’s fill our fantastic Mash-and-Periwinkle-shaped chocolate eggs bearer!


Do not forget to share the eggs with all your friends!!! 🙂

Mash & Periwinkle wish you a Happy Easter!


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