Five gift ideas for an eco-friendly Christmas!

Christmas is coming and we’ve been definitely lost between the season’s decorations and gift purchases.
Who had time of course ☺

The frenzy of celebrations often leads us not to think about the origins of the products we buy. We are not aware of the effect that might have for our children, our bodies and the environment.

Let eco-gifts conquer your Christmas!

For those who have not yet thought about the gifts under the holiday season, here are our five tips for an eco-friendly Christmas for your kids and the whole family:


1. Eco-friendly organic swaddles for babies

These swaddles by The Honest Co. are made by certified organic non-toxic cotton, low-impact dyes, gentle on baby’s skin and perfect for sleep time, cuddle time, nursing, travel, and play.

Super versatile, ultra soft. Adorably cute and one of the most useful items for any young family.

Five gift ideas for eco Christmas eco-friendly

From the idea of the actress Jessica Alba, The Honest Co. is the company that promotes and sells on-line organic and eco-friendly products for children and the whole family.

Shipping is available to the USA and Canada (hopefully soon also to Italy).


2. Tonki: eco-friendly frames

Frames are classic gifts for Christmas. There is a truly original eco-friendly way to give a frame made of recycled paper!

We are  talking about Tonki, an easy and environmentally friendly way to always keep your best memories. It is a service that allows you to print the picture of your family, applied on a totally recycled cardboard that can be bend directly to form the frame. And all without standing up from your couch!

Tonki-sample eco-friendly

In short, a creative and eco-friendly gift, all in one for the whole family!


3. Wooden toys Plan Toys

Wooden toys are fascinating, additionally if they are made with respect for nature, as the ones from Plan Toys, created by the Plan Group that designs toys in respect of children and nature, using eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as wood from the rubber tree, organic based colors, with soy inks and recycled paper, without harmful chemicals.

Plantoys-gioco-legno-ecologicoThe company is founded on the concept of sustainable and environmentally friendly toys, bringing children to nature, making them grow in respect of it and of its future resources needed for a better world.

Plan Toys creations are available in the US, Thailand and Japan.


4. Wooden bicycle DipDap

A bike without pedals, with a surface of laminated birch treated with linseed oil, eco-friendly and not harmful to children’s health.

Bicycle without pedals prevents the use of bicycles with training wheels. Once the balance is improved, children can ride directly to the “adult” bike with two wheels and pedals.


The DipDap bike can be purchased from the on-line store Hukka that sells toys, produced in the European Union, with green materials such as wood and cardboard, in compliance with the highest safety standards and with particular attention to ethical matters.



 5. Mash&Co: the app for pre-schoolers for a sustainable world

Nowadays the use of mobile devices and technology in everyday life has become normality and children will increasingly have to face with this reality.

Letting kids use mobile devices can have positive effects on their growth, provided they use them responsibly.
We support this idea and that’s why we have created and recommend you Mash&Co. Designed for pre-schoolers, it introduces them to social values and eco awareness.



It is an episodic app, with topics related to ecology. It encourages children’s imagination through an exploratory game, immersing them in topics such as sharing and respect for nature. Kids are invited to interact with their favorite characters episode after episode, in order to help their friends find water suddenly missed from the forest.

There are no texts or voice-overs. The game is meant to entertain and stimulate children creatively, encouraging parental bonding, thanks to a control panel from which they can monitor their children performance.

It is an app for the whole family, available free with the first three episodes on Windows Phone.

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