Hooray uncles and aunts!

Uncles and aunts are an important resource for a family. Their presence, together with grandparents, is very useful in terms of assistance to children whose parents may be less present at home due to many reasons. Uncles and aunts, in most cases, are our parents’ best friends: the family can always count on them.

Uncles’ and aunts’ point of view

Uncles’ and aunts’ education is different from the one provided by parents: there are limits beyond which no one can not cross, as it should be. Who has a nephew or a niece like me can confirm it.

But let’s say the truth: being uncles or aunts is really fun! How many times we go to shops and desire to buy those cute little tiny dresses or toys as present for our little ones? We miss them a lot whenever they return to mom and dad. Together with grandparents, we are those who spoil them each time there is the occasion itself.

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Nephews’ and nieces’ point of view

The story is different when the role of parents is given by our aunts or uncles themselves. From this point of view, growing with them takes on a double meaning of either educators but also of older siblings with whom we can share our secrets without the sense of embarrassment that instead we have in the case of parents.

They dressed us up, helped brushing our teeth, they took care of us and even reproached us when we had done something inappropriate. But they were also our favorite company to go to watch the new movie or cartoons in the cinema; they played with us like siblings and were also our main supporters in school in the meantime. They have a primary role in our growth and part of what we are now is because of our uncles and aunts.

“Only aunts and uncles can hug like parents, keep secrets like siblings and share love like friends.”

What else to say? Uncles and aunts are really an essential element in a family. Those lucky enough to grow or share a part of their lives with them are really blessed. A little bit parents, a little bit brothers and a little bit friends, they are very important for the growth of every child!

Katrin Ann Orbeta – Mash&Co
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