How to combine physical exercise and quality time with children

Often during the day, we are super busy, almost always out of the house and in a rush, the only thing we want to do is just to come back, to relax, and to enjoy some quality time with our kids. So it is easy to give up our time for our jogging outside or our workout at the gym.
Have you ever heard of a training program that combines fun, work-out and psychological well-being for you and your kids?

It takes 50 minutes a day, you do not need much space, the only tools you need are creativity and your desire to put yourself out there!

Playing with your children will help you refine your connection, develop your creativity, filling your home with so much positive energy!

Therefore choosing the games will be important. They have to be formative and entertaining at the same time, to develop certain abilities for the children and to be effective for you, moms.
Result: you’ll be in shape playing!
Below you will find some practical examples that you can already do at home.

The game exercise of ballet statues

exerciseCreate a playlist with your children’s favorite songs and get started dancing. Schedule the alarm of your phone with a signal every two minutes. As soon as you hear the signal, you have to assume a position and remain impassive as statues, alternating your choice and the one of your kid! Be careful not to blink, because whoever moves will have a penalty!

With this game, children can set free their fantasy by choosing to represent an object or character as they like, while moms will take advantage of doing exercises in isometrics (static exercises such as plank, side plank, squat, balance on one foot).

This dance alternation (cardio exercise) and static exercises will allow you to perform a good aerobic workout for your heart. It will allow you to burn many calories, increase your muscle strength, and toning up different muscles in your body; it will also increase your kids’ sense of balance and elasticity.

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The jungle game exercise

exerciseChoose one of your favorite jungle animals and represent it (you can also use some symbolic objects). Imagine having a long journey to get with your fellow mates: build a path made of chairs, pillows, and books. Establish the rules to deal with the various parts of the path and, at each mistake, start from the beginning.

Sit on the chair and raise your legs, pretending to cross a river as fast as possible with a broomstick (1 minute long, good for abs and arms).

Place the pillows in another point: you will have to roll and stand up immediately; As soon as you get up you will find another obstacle (5 books) that you will have to go by jumping to united legs; from there you will pretend to walk by taking the plank position and quickly moving your legs (30″ glutes).

Now it’s time to eat. We need to harvest fruit from the tree: start from the quadruped position and jump upwards for at least 4 times. The bed will be your destination, a mountain to climb up with a great jump to land with your feet on it.

This is a fun game that combines fantasy with so healthy muscle work!


Hopscotch on pillows game exercise

exerciseRemember the old hopscotch? Here’s a slightly different version in order not to disappoint the most nostalgic ones: create squares with pillows and jump on it until you complete the entire path with one or two feet.

This exercise will greatly help the children to develop balance and coordination and will help moms who are going to count on so many jumps!

There are so many ways to have fun with your kids and at the same time keep to be fit! Let’s fight laziness! Get used to children to stay in motion and to have an active life! The results will not only be physical but, above all, psychological: you will strain your stress, you will be cheerful, more relaxed, more patient.

As a result, your kids will be less fickle, less irritable, they will appreciate the fact that you will play together… and the feeling of rebirth is irreplaceable!

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Valentina Migliore – Trainer
“I have been working for several years with children in the basic motor activities. Over time I learned to observe them in times of freedom and creativity. No training has taught me as much as they did. I like to arrange for them stimulant exercises that lead them to discover their abilities they can train and then turn into real life skills eventually”