How to cook healthy pancakes

Pancakes, hotcakes, crêpe are the different names by which we mean the famous fried cake made of batter. Did you know that our Stone Age ancestors already ate these delicacies?

Pancakes in history

Many researches think that probably thirty thousand years ago our ancestors were eating a food similar to today’s pancakes, using cattail flour mixed with water and cooked on a hot rock and allegedly greased.

In 1991, in the Italian Alps, researchers found the remains of a man of the Neolithic era, providing a wealth of information on the diet of the men of that period. The man was found next to his banquet made of a deer, ibex and red grain, standing next to the coal and the remains of what looks like a pancake cooked on a rock.

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It was also a common food in many cultures in history. The Greeks and the Romans ate pancakes with honey. In the Elizabethan era they used to eat them with rose water, apples and spices.

In the United States they were made by buckwheat or corn flour and its consumption occurred mainly during the Shrove Tuesday, the day also known as Pancake Day, due to the urgency to consume foods such as milk, eggs and butter that otherwise would not be consumed during Lent.


Healthy pancakes: the recipe

How to start your day with a sweet healthy, organic, cholesterol free and rich in antioxidants? Here is a simple recipe for the whole family:

40g soy flour or wholemeal
40g oatmeal or oat bran
140g egg whites
40ml apple juice
40ml almond milk or soy milk
20g coconut powder
60g mashed banana
1 teaspoon baking powder


Making pancakes is really quite simple. I bet among you readers is one of the first things you learnt to do.

1. Mix the dry ingredients and then add the liquid ones.

2. Mix well until mixture is thick.

3. Heat a non-stick pan and rub on the surface with a paper towel soaked in oil.

4. Produce of 8 cm diameter pancake, being careful watch both sides.

5. Compose a stack consists of three pancakes and garnish them with fruits, fruit jam, dark chocolate or bio hazelnut cream.

For breakfast or as a snack pancakes are a very sweet idea for your children and the whole family. Enjoy your meal!