Importance of Digital Literacy in Children

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to see kids using a gadget. In fact, computers, laptops, mobile phones, and the Internet are now a common part of children’s everyday life.  From online schooling to playing games or watching movies, children are well versed in using digital technology for both educational and recreational purposes.

Through digital tools and gadgets are so common nowadays, some parents still have a negative impression of the technology. Digital tools are often associated with adverse effects on people’s health, behavior, or development. However, the ability to use gadgets, and navigate the Internet is essential to secure employment, succeed in setting up a business and pursue lifelong learning. Thus, digital literacy is actually beneficial to both kids and adults. The effect of digital usage actually depends on the digital medium being used, the types of content you are exposed to, and the ability to practice discipline and self-control when using digital technology.

While you take the necessary precautions against too much screen time, know that your child’s use of digital technologies is also doing him a favor. Being digitally literate has several benefits for children. Digital literacy refers to a child’s ability to effectively use digital technologies to learn and thrive. It means a child can use technology to contribute to his overall development and know its limitations and dangers.

From searching for images to talking to relatives via video calls, learning to use digital technologies correctly is an important skill for your child to develop. Here are more reasons behind it:


Digital literacy helps expand children’s knowledge

The vast world of the Internet is a powerful tool to expand the learning opportunities of children. From simply searching for information to using apps, being digitally literate exposes your kids to so many forms of learning. Videos, podcasts, social media pages, search engines, educational apps, and learning websites present various information to your child.


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Kids can benefit from continuous learning through digital literacy

Unlike generations before, children nowadays benefit from continuous and unlimited learning through digital platforms.  Before, the learning of kids was limited to classroom discussions and reading the encyclopedia.  Nowadays, kids learn beyond the classroom.  Even after classes, opportunities for learning abound. As they search through the Internet or browse social media feeds, they can learn so many things.


Digital literacy motivates children to reach their potential

Give kids a new app or website to explore, and you’ll be amazed at how fast they can use technology to their advantage. Allowing your child to use and explore digital tools shows them their potential and motivates them to do better in schooling, socialization, and communication.


Digital literacy is part of modern life

Digital technology is here to stay.  From now until your child becomes an adult, technology will be part of everyday life.  From grocery shopping to working in the corporate world, your child will certainly have to use these digital tools on his own, and the best way to prepare him for this is by teaching him the proper way of using technology.


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Gwen Llana-Serrano is a millennial mom who works from home. She owns a content writing start-up and writes about her experience as a mom for the first time on her parenting and lifestyle blog. He also writes articles for The Asian Parent, the largest parenting website in Southeast Asia.