Kids party at home: things to do

You’re thinking about your kid’s birthday and would like to organize a party. Among the many options that come to your mind, you finally decide to do this at home, in your garden or living room. You are going to invite the neighbors’ children and your kid’s friends at the nursery.
After an initial enthusiasm, you realize that you need to arrange everything, however not knowing where to start.
Today we are giving you some tips on how to prepare a fun, creative, healthy and environmentally friendly kids party.

Begin with the theme
Think about your child’s personality: likes and favourite colour. Once you know what might like, evaluate the party feasibility. Try not to give up on something commercially ready. If you run out of ideas here is how you could do.

In creative domains people involved in a project collect inspirational images to start. Internet is a good source for this purpose. Use Pinterest to collect various types of inspiration. You can also sum up pieces of newspaper images, magazine, personal photos, etc… Putting them together could tighten the circle and find out the theme for your party. It ‘s really a good exercise to find ideas!


If you have chosen the theme, focus on two or three colors. You can play on colour hues, on contrast or on complementarity. If you choose for example the contrast keep going on this path, unless you choose the rainbow theme. You’ll have a simple guide for choosing the other things needed such as glasses, plates, cutlery, napkins and decorations.

Choose wisely: don’t use plastic objects! Paper and wooden stuff are the perfect choice. They are not only environmentally friendly, but you can turn them as decoration as well.


Glasses, plates, cutlery
Use one-colour or patterned paper plates. Besides their function, they can be used as decorations as well. The wooden cutlery, which you can customize, are perfect for a fun and eco-friendly party.


Take some coloured paper. You can cut off geometric shapes or strips and stick them up in paper thread to create the bunting for the walls, tables and chairs. You can really create an infinite number of things using only paper and imagination!


The food
Make finger foods. You can prepare mini sandwiches creating funny faces with the toppings. Prepare fruit appetizers to place them on a rigid support in order to create a fruit bouquet. During the summer you can create refreshing fruit popsicles.
Chips, popcorn or something is unhealthy. Try to avoid them. It’s good that children get used to the idea of healthy foods.


End the party with giveaways for the invited kids. Some people use cupcakes and decorated cookies. You can opt for little colourful paper bags that you can fill with chocolate and seal it with a thank you note.

Without spending a fortune and with a little creativity you can make any party fun and really original.

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