Long live the fruits!

The early years are the ones that lay the foundation for a healthy and balanced life. Nutrition education allows children to learn how to eat healthily and correctly from an early age. Fruits and vegetables are valuable foods for kids’ well-being, as fruits are rich in minerals, trace elements, fibers and vitamins. And it is about well-being elixir and how to educate children to eat healthy that we want to talk today.

Why is it important to eat seasonal fruits?

At any time of year we usually find lots of beautiful and colorful fruits but, if we go beyond appearances, we realize that what seems healthy is actually not. Choosing to eat seasonal fruit contributes not only to our health but also to respect the environment. Fruits born out of season, in fact, come from plants grown in different period of the year, far from their natural season. Therefore they are weak plants.

These plants require a larger amount of chemicals to eliminate parasites, not only dangerous to our health, but also, very polluting for the environment. In addition, the increase of pollution is given by the fuels used to heat greenhouses where plants grow. Let’s learn to make informed choices at home. Seasonal fruit is good, fragrant, aromatic, healthy and less polluting.

How to get children to eat fruit?

The key word is Creativity. Experiment with your kids with colorful and funny dishes. This will have the opportunity to have a good quality family time, to be creative and, most of all, to enjoy healthy food. We can make smoothies, ice popsicles, donuts healthy fruit, fruit carved in the shape of stars, hearts, teddy bears, toy cars, butterflies, caterpillars and anything that suggests our imagination.

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We cite an example: Samantha Lee, a Malaysian mother, who in 2008 began to create healthy, delicious and particularly beautiful to see dishes for her daughter. Her goal was to make eat her own little girl in anticipation of the arrival of the little sister. Now the mother has become a food artist thanks to the visibility of its dishes on Instagram. Here’s his wonderful creations:

I’m hooked on you 💕🐟! #leesamantha #happyvalentinesday

Un post condiviso da Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) in data:

☀️New week. Fresh start! #leesamantha #charliebrown Un post condiviso da Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) in data:

Who’s the fairest of them all. #leesamantha #snowwhite

Un post condiviso da Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) in data:

With a little creativity, you can make fruit appealing in the eyes of your children as well!
So what are you waiting for? Set your imagination free! And enjoy!

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Letizia Grasso, Educationalist
“All grown-ups were children, but few of them remember it” This phrase is engraved on my heart. The child who marvels at small things is always with me. I firmly believe that the school should focus on self-construction of knowledge through direct contact with the outside world and, therefore, through the experiences of life. A school open to life and from life itself learns. A school that teaches to observe every little thing, to wonder and to ask questions. A school that forms adults who know how to reflect and put into a relationship the mind and heart.”