Making carnival masks inspired by Mash and Periwinkle

Today we propose a fun game that you can do with your children, using some colored cards and little imagination we will realize the carnival masks with the face of Mash our young protagonist and Periwinkle the crazy little snail.

Materials needed:
Colored card: red, pink, white, purple, black.

Paper tape or glue

Scissors with rounded tip

Rubber band


Round plate

Let’s make Mash and Periwinkle’s carnival masks!

1) First of all use a round plate to draw a circle on the white card. Draw other asymmetric circles on the white cardboard.

Cut it into a big circle so that to have the base for our mask and do the same with small circles that will help us to make the typical white dots Mash has on the hat.

Cut two holes in the middle of the base of the mask, to make sure that you can see through.


Do the entire same thing with the purple card, reminding to draw the antennas and the freckles that characterize Periwinkle.


2) Cut an asymmetric elliptical shape on the red card as the basis for the hat. With the black card cut an oval for the mouth and with the pink one cut out the circles for the cheeks and a small oval for the tongue.

Cut out small pink circles to make Periwinkle’s freckles, while black and white card will be used to make the mouth, as you can see from the photos.


3) With the help of glue or paper tape, paste all the parties on order to compose the face of Mash and Periwinkle.

4) Fold a red card into a small rod that will help to keep up our nice mask!


Alternatively you can use rivets and a rubber band as you can see from the photos of Periwinkle’s mask, to create a loop that will probably let more practical to wear the mask.

Now have fun with your children imagining and creating new stories and adventures with all the friends of the forest! 🙂


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