Mash&Co and the 21st Century Skills

Technology has already changed the transmission of information and the way we communicate. School education adapts to this change teaching to students using the 21st century framework for the acquisition of skills related to creativity, collaboration, problem solving and innovation.


Central topics of this learning framework are civic literacies, financial literacies, health and environmental literacies. As well as global awareness in order to train kids aware of their environment and their role in the world, with important managerial skills in various domains. They should be adults able to work together in groups with effective communication skills and the ability to embrace cultural diversity.

Mash&Co_4C-01In this context, technology cannot be separated from the 21st century skills framework. Particularly Web 2.0 technologies have outlined ways of learning focused on problem solving, sharing and methods of collaborative knowledge construction.

“21st century learning needs to take place in contexts that promote interaction and a sense of community ” – Cornell

Thus learning-based games acquire importance. In spite of common belief, several studies show that the “virtual” environment of video games let players put themselves into fictitious realms by applying real knowledge. In fact, players find themselves immersed in complex and dynamic situations in which they must decide and act quickly, learning on their mistakes, whether their choices have been incorrect.

Mash&Co is inspired by 21st century skills principles. It immerses pre-schoolers in an exploratory game, in which they are called upon to help their friends Mash and Periwinkle who are looking for water disappeared from the forest, episode after episode.

Kids stimulate their creativity and logic skills by solving puzzles and riddles through meta-linguistic communication of animations, while playing a funny and colorful game which introduce them to eco-awareness, respect for nature and sharing values topics.


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