Mash&Co Kids Master

Mash and Periwinkle have traveled a lot recently. During the events of Milan Games Week and Smart Kids, we had the pleasure of having some very special helpers. 
In fact, we had the first “Mash&Co – Master Kids” during which we had a blast with Gabriele, Giorgia, Giulia, Lorenzo (who still has some doubt whether his name is written with the “s” or “z”), Yahel, Sergio and Samuel. But also many dads and moms who probably have rediscovered a bit to be between crayons and pencils!

The goal of the Mash&Co – Master Kids? Definitely to have fun!!! But also try to understand how to create an animated cartoon trying to make a few frames! Well, all kids were all very good at coloring and realizing all the frame pieces that you will see in the video below.

And they all deserved the title of “Little Master Animator” with a certificate!!! During the Master workshop, another group of creative children rethought and recolored our friends Mash and Periwinkle. As you can see they really have made them in all colors and they are really beautiful!

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Here are the little ones at work!

[URIS id=346]

Let’s meet to the next Master workshop.

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