Mothers far away from your kids: this is for you

When women become mothers, at any moment they will find a force and at the same fears never felt before. So, if we ask mum to describe motherhood, the answer is almost always a duality that combines strong emotions. Thus we have love and fear, difficulties and responsibilities, duties and honors.

Being mums means to have the privilege to grow, to learn and to accompany their kids’ life journey. In the collective imagination, these moments must be present in every child’s life.

However, it is not always true because of many situations which mothers in the world are facing, such as distance working. In fact, many mothers find themselves facing life far away from family and their children.


Many mothers cannot go home often to see their families due to particular situations they are involved. And we do not talk of weekends, but for years. The reasons are many. The distance between the countries involved – sometimes situated in two different continents – is one of these.

Those who work abroad usually send a portion of their earnings to the family. But in these circumstances, they prefer to set aside the amount needed for a return flight ticket, in favor of its more fruitful use. Thus those thousands miles away can become years.

Mothers’ sacrifice

mothersThe word that comes to mind is a sacrifice, along with perseverance and suffering. Many mothers in these conditions do not see their children grow up, do not participate in their birthday parties, they are not present in significant stages of their children’s lives. The latter, in turn, will find strange their mother’s face every time they meet again.

In many cases, there is a sort of “emotional distance” that happens, however, not separated from the love that binds mother and child. It is quite a gap that occurs in the absence of years of dialogue or minor confrontation between mothers and children, compared to many “luckier” mums who have their children with them.
From children’s point of view, this distance can mean abandonment. The reality is that when they become adults, perhaps becoming parents themselves, they can look at the past with more detachment and many questions receive answers.


On this particular occasions Mother’s Day acquire an intense meaning, reminding us the beauty and at the same time the sense of maternal sacrifice that influences our lives and our society.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mums out there, near and far.


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