Movies to watch absolutely with your kids

Here is a film list to see at home altogether under a soft blanket and a scented hot chocolate or a popcorn:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ( Fantasy movie – 2005)

It’s a film directed by Tim Burton. It tells Charlie Bucket, a deprived child who lives with her family in a shabby wooden house and who loves chocolate, but, given his economic condition, can rarely afford it. His life will change when Willy Wonka, owner of a famous chocolate firm, picks up five tickets, hidden in five chocolate bars. The winners will be able to tour the fabulous chocolate company. Charlie miraculously finds a winning pass and, with his grandfather, visits the beautiful factory full of amazing sweets.

Enchanted (American musical fantasy – 2007)

Directed by Kevin Lima and produced by Disney, the film tells of the enchanting and carefree Princess Giselle who lives a fabulous life in the animated kingdom of Andalasia. But just as he is about to realize his greatest dream, to receive the kiss from true love, Prince Edward, Giselle falls under the spell of Queen Narissa, Prince of Blue’s mother, ready to keep the girl away from her throne. As a character animated in a land full of music and colors, Giselle is transformed into a flesh-and-bone woman and transported to the modern city and far from the magical Manhattan.

August Rush (American Drama movie – 2008)

Music in the Heart is a film directed by Kirsten Sheridan. The two protagonists, the young Irish guitarist and a cellist, meet each other in New York and spend a magical evening at Washington Square, but they are separated immediately. The result of the unexpected encounter will be a child who will be left and raised in an orphanage. Years later, the child in question is performing on the streets of New York in the company of a mysterious man who cares for him and calls him August Rush and exploits his extraordinary musical talent to look for parents separated from him since birth.

Where the Wild Things Are (Adventure movie 2009)

The film, directed by Spike Jonze, is a cinematic adaptation of the illustrated book by Maurice Sendak in the country of wild monsters. It’s Max’s story, a baby boy who just and angry in his little room finds himself on an island inhabited by a strange company of monstrous and gigantic “wild things.” Together with them, he will have many adventures, and after having overwhelmed them, he will also be elected king of that world.

Oz the Great and Powerful (Fantasy movie – 2013)

This fantastic Disney adventure, directed by Sam Raimi, tells the origins of the most beloved magician created by L. Frank Baum: The Wizard of Ozz, or Oscar Diggs. Oscar escapes from the dusty Circus of Kansas and approaches Oz’s fabulous world casually thinking he has finally made a turn to his life. Fame and fortune are at hand, at least until she meets three witches, Theodora, Evanora, and Glinda, who are not convinced that he is the great wizard that everyone was expecting. Although reticent, Diggs is involved in the problems of the world of Oz and its inhabitants and will have to find out who is right and who is evil before it’s too late. Using his arts to create illusions and magic, with a bit of naiveté, Oscar will transform himself into the great and powerful Oz wizard as well as a better man.



The lego movie (Animated movie – 2014)

The animated film directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller follows the adventures of Emmet, an ordinary LEGO puppet, legitimate to the rules, and all commonly mistakenly identified as a person with extraordinary powers, the key figure to save the world. He is then involved with a group of strangers, on an epic mission in an attempt to stop an evil tyrant, a hopeless adventure for Emmet, who takes him unpreparedly

The Little Prince (Animated movie 2016)

The movie, inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, directed by Mark Osborne, tells the story of an elderly and eccentric aviator and his new neighbors: a mature and organized little girl moved to the neighborhood with her mother. Through the pages of the diary of the aviator and his drawings, the little girl finds out that, long before, the aviator had rushed into a desert and met the little Prince, a little boy from another planet. The aviator’s experiences and the story of Little Prince’s travel contribute to creating a strong bond between the aviator and the little girl. At the end of their extraordinary adventures, the girl understands she finds her emotions and her lost childhood.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Fantasy movie 2016)

Directed by Tim Burton, tells the adventures of a kid, Jake, who, thanks to the clues of his beloved grandfather, arrives in a magical place, Miss Peregrine’s unique children’s home, where everyone has special powers. Eventually Jake will realize that only he can save the magic house and its inhabitants.

Cinderella (American Romantic fantasy movie – 2016)

It is the cinematic adaptation of Cinderella’s famous fairy tale and live-action remake of the 1950s animated film. It tells the story of Cinderella, Ella, whose merchant father resumes after his wife’s tragic death. Decided to support his loving father, the young man welcomes his new stepmother, Lady Tremaine, and his daughters Anastasia and Genoveffa, in the family home. But when Ella’s father suddenly and unexpectedly dies, the young man finds himself at the mercy of the new family clan. So relegated to the role of servant and dispassionately renamed “Cinderella.” Despite the cruelty, she is a victim of, she does not intend to give in to despair or to despise her mistreatment and remain optimistic, eager to honor the words of the fairy who advised her to “have the courage and be gentle.” When she meets a fascinating stranger in the woods, without knowing that he is the Prince and not a mere apprentice of the Royal Palace, she finally found her soul mate. Will she be able to crown her dream of love despite the vicissitudes of her stepmother and sisters?

Beauty and the Beast (American Romantic fantasy film- 2017)

The movie is based on the fairy-tale Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont fairy tale and takes some ideas from the same film of 1946. Disney is, in fact, back to those enchanting places telling the love story between Belle and the Beast, and the adventures of the enchanted castle where a clock, a candlestick, a teapot and its cup, spend their existence hoping that the last petal of a rose will not fall.


Letizia Grasso, Educationalist
“All grown-ups were children, but few of them remember it” This phrase is engraved on my heart. The child who marvels of small things is always with me. I firmly believe that the school should focus on self-construction of knowledge through direct contact with the outside world and, therefore, through the experiences of life. A school open to life and from life itself learns. A school that teaches to observe every little thing, to wonder and to asks questions. A school that forms adults who know how to reflect and put into a relationship the mind and heart.”