Parenthood in Vietnam

Today, we come back in Asia to tell you about Thuy Duong’s experience as mother of a three and a half years old baby girl.
After the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Mauritius and Ireland, we stop over Vietnam, more precisely in the capital Ho Chi Minh City.

Thuy works with her husband in their company that creates mobile games in the capital.
In Vietnam generally parents spend much time outside in parks, playgrounds, shopping malls and restaurants, thanks to the good weather.


Like many other Asian countries, mothers are the ones who to take care of children and the household chores, while dads provide financially for the family. But there are more and more mums who want to work. Those lucky to have the help of parents or babysitters can achieve that goal.

Those who cannot afford a full-time job, rely on small online business, increasingly popular in Vietnam, Thuy says. They sell everything, from baby products, imported cosmetics to healthy foods. This latter becomes a trend in Vietnam nowadays.

Food is indeed a hot topic in Vietnam. Many toxic foods and without control are more and more sold in the markets and supermarkets. For this reason the Ministry of Health is planning to take action and make some improvements in this regard.

As for maternity leave it lasts up to 6 months in Vietnam. Mums can go to and leave from work an hour after or earlier, as they desire.

Children can receive free health assistance and vaccinations, supported by the government who pays the insurance for children up to six years old. However health care is not the best, Thuy says: the hospitals are often very crowded and many parents prefer going to Singapore to buy the children’s vaccinations.
Education is not free in Vietnam. Parents rather invest on their children education abroad, sending them to do higher studies in Australia, Singapore and the United States.

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