Parents in the world: Mauritius

Last time we went to the UK and then to the Philippines to tell you about parenthood through Joyce’s and Abigael’s story, both living in very crowded places. This time let’s drop by in the middle of the Indian Ocean and let’s explore parenthood in Mauritius Island through Niru D’Sa’s story.

Niru is a freelance Bollywood Dance teacher and she’s got two children. She used to live in London 5 years ago but prefers to live in the island where being a parent is wonderful, she said.

Life in Mauritius is very simple and basic
, which is overall amazing. Most of the couples she knows are working parents. There is a nice balance between work/life compared to London. In general, if parents can afford a house help, life for them can be easier, less tiring and they can spend more quality time with their kids.

One thing to consider is the amazing weather: kids are able to play outdoor pretty much everyday.

However, besides the support parents can get at home, allowing them to be the parents they wish to be, Niru would love to see more exposure in the island. Exposure in terms of arts, culture, science, literature, technology and in general a wider variety of activities dedicated to children.

Evening_Port_LouisAs for health care, they are good for everyday things but not a world class, as well us for school education.


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