Sicily for families

School is over and it’s holiday time (at least in schools in the temperate zones of the world). Yehey! But where to take the little ones for the long-awaited summer vacation? Without going far, if you live in Italy, Sicily is definitely a place to visit.
In the past millennia, Sicily has hosted a multitude of populations and cultures. This miscellaneous donates to its generations this wonderful land today.

Let’s go to see five places located in eastern Sicily with unique characteristics, rich in history and most of all a beautiful place for families. This area is unique because you can visit the seascapes of the Ionian coast and the mountain landscapes simultaneously due to the presence of the the volcano Etna.


It is the highest volcano in Europe with its ca. 3000 meters. It is still active and its effusive activities show unique moments to the inhabitants of the countries located on its slopes.

Etna is surrounded by a 59,000-hectare park which has the primary duty to protect the unique natural environment. It also has a network of trails that allow visitors to understand the need to preserve ecosystems and habitats through exceptional recreational activities, excursions and free time.

At about 1700 meters the Astrophysical Observatory, destination for researchers and scholars, stands. Here, astronomers organize regular guided public tours. In the case of special astronomical events there can be thematic evenings with telescopic observations, guided observation of the sky with the naked eye and explanations of celestial phenomena associated with the proposed observations.


Located at the foot of Mount Etna, this city has always been a touristic destination since the times of the Greeks and the various population who inhabited Sicily afterwards. In the past centuries it was also a holiday place of intellectuals and artists such as Klimt, Dali, Picasso, Goethe, de Maupassant, Wilde and many others. Taormina coast is a wonderful gift of nature. Isolabella is the strong point of the city for its location and the uniqueness: a strip of walkable land separates the coast from the island. Children will enjoy exploring the island’s flora and fauna under the water!


Around Taormina small towns worth a visit, like Castelmola a medieval village among the most beautiful in Italy, and spots like the Alcantara Gorges born from an eruption of Etna long time ago.


It was one of the most important cities of Magna Grecia. Here Archimedes was born and philosophers like Plato have spent their holidays. The millenary history of Syracuse has left a legacy that lovers of archeology and history can still admire today. Some of the antique locations are still active such as the Greek Theatre, which still hosts several theater performances every year. The historical part of Syracuse, Ortigia is also home to cultural and social events.


For lovers of nature and hiking Vendicari Reserve is a must-see. Located just outside Syracuse, the reserve is fortunately un untouched place. What can you do in a 13-km-length reserve?


Birdwatching: the migration of many species of birds has always attracted fans and curious from all over Europe.
For those who love long walks the reserve has seascapes, swamps and forests.



Modica is one of the cities of Val di Noto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In fact, in the city center you can visit numerous baroque churches, a peculiar characteristic of the city. Modica is a valley surrounded by hills on which historical houses stand. There are walkable streets linked with old stairs that led people draw water from the rivers, once present in the lower part of the city. Modica is surrounded by caves, archaeological sites once inhabited by prehistoric peoples.

For those wishing to enjoy the sea, the coastal slope of the city is Marina di Modica, the holiday resort of the inhabitants of Modica; and Maganuco, a piece of heavenly coast.



In the southern part of eastern-Sicily there is Pozzallo, representing an increasingly important summer destination. In recent years the town has been awarded with Blue Flag, a prestigious recognition that the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) assigns for thirty years to cities and marinas with the cleanest seas. Also, it has the Green Flag, the classification and recognition for bathing areas suitable for children and families.

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