Working moms: tips for a good work-family balance

Nowadays more mothers work for financial and personal fulfillment reasons. It is often difficult to combine work with family time and what you want in these cases is a day of 48 hours. There are definitely solutions to help working moms overcome similar situations. The secret is in our opinion in the organization. Here’s what we recommend you to be able to do better work-family balance.

Try to create limitations between time for work and the one for family. Do not put them together: the result is not very productive as for work and basically useless time for your family. Imagine a conversation at the table with your family. If your head is thinking about  paperwork to finish your family will immediately perceive it. Focus on the moment and be there with yourself.


Literally organize your time with a to-do list for the family and for work. You can plan your day a couple of hours before your kids wake up or at night before going bed.

Set a time within which to work. For example, as soon as the kids go to bed, you can continue to finish something before going to sleep. Try not to work beyond the time that you set for itself in accordance with the limitations that you have created.

On weekends and in spare time cook dishes that can be frozen and at the right time, you can thaw and prepare them quickly during the week. If you like cooking it is a good compromise.

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Always create a plan B in any case
.It will allow you to overcome unexpected situations.


You don’t have to do this on your own. Ask for help to the people you are close to starting from your husband, to friends and family. Created a group of people as a babysitters and various helpers that can actually help you in times of emergency as many working mothers do.

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Being mothers and at the same time workers can be really difficult and stressful. Do not forget to take care of yourself as well. With a mind free from stress it is easier to make decisions and plan something. A mini vacation with your husband, going to the gym, a spa session, or simply a relaxing bath before bed can ease the stress that accumulates. Pamper yourself a little bit. You deserve it.

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