World water day 2016

Today, March 22 we celebrate the World Water Day. Water is a precious commodity without which the world would not exist. Let’s think of primordial soup and ancient civilizations that were born next to watercourses.

This day was established by the United Nation in 1993 to raise awareness and to reaffirm its importance and accessibility to all, although there are still 750 million people who do not have access to this valuable asset, according to UNICEF. The campaign promoted by the United Nations aims to inform and inspire a greater awareness of this valuable asset as a finite resource.

With the slogan “Better water, better jobs” the 2016 theme is dedicated to the role of water in the creation of work to support economic, social and human development. Half of the world’s population works in areas where its role is central. Yet many of their rights are not recognized and respected. Water availability in quantities and quality can change workers’ lives and means of livelihood, and transform societies and economies.

Several initiatives have been organized in Italy to raise awareness. For example, Green Cross Italy with “Salva la goccia” campaign, invited schools, students, teachers and families to contribute rationalizing its consumption. The non-governmental organization involves the “water heroes” people who love and work with water, as a testimonials to the protection of water resources.

Reduced consumption is beneficial with important consequences. In fact, it allows to leave more more water in rivers and groundwater, produces less water pollution and consume less energy. It is about our health, the climate and the life of our planet.

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