How to explain the war to our children

Kids are naturally curious creatures. When they see the adults around them talking about something with severe expressions on their faces, the kids will want to know what’s going on. It is especially true when that adult activity is as significant as warfare. It may be challenging to explain the concept of warfare to a child, but it’s essential to try.

Why is it important to explain the war to children?

It is essential to explain the war to children so that they can understand what is happening and why it is happening. War can be very confusing and scary for kids, so it’s essential to help them make sense of it all. Explaining war to children can also help them understand the importance of peace. Children need to know that there are other ways to solve problems besides fighting and that war is sometimes necessary.

It is helpful to explain to them the importance of diversity and that this cone serves to divide; indeed, it can make us understand the importance of sharing.

Helping children understand war can also make them more compassionate towards others affected by it. Children must see that people on both sides of the conflict suffer.


Tips on how to explain war to children

Here are some tips on how to explain war to children:

Please keep it simple.

    1. Explain that there is a conflict between two groups of people and that each group is fighting for what they believe. Use age-appropriate language.
    2. Avoid using terms like “death” or “killing” if your child is younger. Children need simplicity and delicacy to understand better the concept we are expressing.
    3. Be honest. Explain to your kids that war is sad and complex, but sometimes it is necessary to achieve peace. You can use books, fairy tales, or cartoons that can explain the idea of ​​a conflict. These means can be constructive because of their symbolic value.
    4. Help them understand that there are different points of view. Encourage them to ask questions and express their opinions on the matter.
    5. Reassure them that they are safe.

Three books on war, peace, and dialogue

Here are three books that can tell the little ones the idea of ​​peace and dialogue.
Città blu, città gialla (Blue city, yellow city); Cosa c’è nella tua valigia?(What’s in your suitcase?) Imagine.

spiegare la guerra libro spiegare la guerra libro spiegare la guerra libro

It is essential to explain the war to children so that they can understand what is happening in the world. By doing so, they can learn about the different cultures and religions that exist in the world. Furthermore, they can also learn about the history of the world and how wars have affected it. Finally, children can better understand why people fight battles and how to prevent them from happening in the future.

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