How to make fruit popsicle at home

It’s hot, we know. An ice cream or a popsicle is what we would take to cool our thoughts distracted by the heat that affects our cities in these days of summer.
A few days ago I wanted to experiment with fruit popsicles. In summer, you know, consumption of fruit is advised for everybody. Why not combine a fresh idea with equally fresh and healthy ingredients for our summer days creating some healthy, fruity popsicles?

Making some fruit popsicle

You can use any fruit you have at home. I chose some peach and red currants. Also, fruit juice is needed. In this case you can choose any fruit you prefer and make your own fresh-squeezed juice at home. I bought some bio apple and prunes juice.

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Where to put the ingredients?

Get a silicone-type container made specifically for popsicles. Their different shapes and designs will cheer your children in the creation and consumption of popsicles. Someone uses simple paper cups. But if you choose this option remember to buy the wooden sticks that are used to hold your popsicles.

In these following pictures I’m going to show you the ingredients I used to create my fruit popsicles. As for the procedure, pour the juice first in the container and then add the fruit with the arrangement you prefer. You can also proceed in reverse placing first the fruit and then the juice.





You can also make them while you are on holidays or during birthday parties for your children.
Let us know how your popsicle came up. It’s a simple and multi-vitamin solution for a fresh summer with family.

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